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GoodLaundry x Thrifted

Gently Loved Sustainable Women's Clothing. Save money while saving the world!
Our dynamic and ever-evolving style is reflected by our clothing. There will be a time that something in your closet is no longer a reflection of you. You’ve loved it, worn it, danced in it. It’s been a conversation piece, an expression of your inner workings. Because of you, your GoodLaundry lived! And now it’s time for someone else to share in it’s story.
Any item of clothing you’ve purchased from the GoodLaundry shop can be sent back to us for a shop credit based on the condition of the item (plus peace of mind that your former laundry will lead a life of value and responsibility).
The clothing piece will be evaluated with love, fixed up, and either resold in our thrift shop or donated to one of our pre-approved charities or textile recyclers.  
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